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MIL-C-27500 Cable

MIL-C-27500, ETFE-XLETFE, Type TE-14

MIL-C-27500, ETFE-XLETFE, Type TG-14

MIL-C-27500, FEP-TFE-PTFE, Type RC-06

MIL-C-27500, FEP-TFE-PTFE, Type RC-09

MIL-C-27500 Build Specifications

In MIL-C-27500 cables, we stock most choices with the following inner conductor basic wire type:

Type-SB Type-SE Type-ML
Type-SC Type-SP Type-RC
Type-SD Type-SR Type-RE

With shield type: T, S, N
With jacket style: 06, 08, 09, 14, 23

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