Dielectic Constants Dialectric Constants

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Dielectric Constants

Insulation Materials Nominal Insulation Materials Nominal
EPR 2.24 Polypropylene 2.24
Kynar® 6.4 Silicone Rubber 2.6
Nylon 4.0 Polyvinyl Chloride 2.7
Polyester 2.80 Polyvinyl Chloride (Irradiated) 2.7
Polyethylene (Cellular) 1.50 Polyvinyl Chloride (Semi-Rigid) 4.3
Polyethylene (Cross-Linked) 2.30 FEP 2.15
Polyethylene 2.26 TFE 2.15
TFE (Cellular) 1.4 ETFE-XLETFE 2.6
Polyethylene (High Density) 2.34 FEP (Cellular) 1.5
Polyethylene (Low Density) 2.28    

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MIL-W-22759 Wire
MIL-W-16878 Wire
MIL-W-81044 PVF Wire
MIL-W-81381 Polyimide Resin Wire
MIL-W-5086A, Type 1 & 2
FEP-TFE Shielded Cable
ETFE-XLETFE Shielded Cable
MIL-C-27500 Cable
PVC and XLPE Wire
Silicone Wire
Automotive Wire
Marine Wire & Cable
High Temp Wire
High Voltage Wire
FEP-TFE Flat Ribbon Cable
PVC Instrumentation Cable

Belden Equivalent
FEP Plenum Cables
Up to 50% Savings

Custom Designed
Cable and Wire

PVC Direct Burial Cable
Coax Cable
Copper Braid
Heatshrink & Sleeving
Braided Poly Sleeving
Braided FEP-TFE Sleeving