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Value Added Services for Wire & Cable

Custom Cables
We can build Custom Designed Cables and Wire to meet Mil-Spec, Aviation Specifications, Marine and Ship Board Specifications or UL/NEC Industry Standard Specifications.

By adding one, two, or three spiral stripes to a solid color wire, tracing complex circuits is simplified. Some color combinations should be avoided. Contact the factory for further guidance.

Cutting and Stripping
Modern automatic machinery can cut and strip the most difficult materials & gauges. Wires can also be semi-stripped, leaving an easily removable "slug" of insulation as a temporary protection for the conductor.

High speed twisting & planetary cabling equipment is used to produce multiple conductor cables from our huge stock of single conductor items.

A variety of specialty wires are stocked in a white base color. These can be dyed to custom color requirements quickly.

Terminate and Crimp
We can terminate and crimp wires & cables for manufacturers who do not have this equipment.

Multiconductor cables can be jacketed to customer specifications with in-house equipment.

All wire, cable & tubing can be repackaged to customer requirements.

High speed braiding & shielding equipment is available to add these coverings to insulated wires & cables.

Laboratory physical & electrical test equipment is used to assure compliance with customer specifications.

Wires and cables can be marked with letters, numbers, phrases, or logos.


MIL-W-22759 Wire
MIL-W-16878 Wire
MIL-W-81044 PVF Wire
MIL-W-81381 Polyimide Resin Wire
MIL-W-5086A, Type 1 & 2
FEP-TFE Shielded Cable
ETFE-XLETFE Shielded Cable
MIL-C-27500 Cable
PVC and XLPE Wire
Silicone Wire
Automotive Wire
Marine Wire & Cable
High Temp Wire
High Voltage Wire
FEP-TFE Flat Ribbon Cable
PVC Instrumentation Cable

Belden Equivalent
FEP Plenum Cables
Up to 50% Savings

Custom Designed
Cable and Wire

PVC Direct Burial Cable
Coax Cable
Copper Braid
Heatshrink & Sleeving
Braided Poly Sleeving
Braided FEP-TFE Sleeving